Fuath_Color Header

Way back in 2010, a long-time, neckbeard tabletop RPG fanatic decided to make his own role-playing system.  Years of experience taught him that a good RPG system is simple, universal, and as open as possible.  He envisioned a system that would work with any setting from swords and sorcery to Gothic horror, that would give players great flexibility in making truly unique characters and give GMs the flexibility to tell the story they want to tell, that had a simple, easy to learn core mechanic, that had zero barriers to entry (no fancy maps, miniatures, or subscriptions required).  After four years, three playtests, and two working titles, Sin Nombre RPG was born.

I’ve poured a lot of heart, soul, creativity, and money into Sin Nombre for seven years now as I’ve been able.  They don’t call them heartbreaker RPGs for nothing, let me tell you.  But my hope is, even if this project goes nowhere, it will help others create their own opus as well – be it the most fun, awesome character they’ve ever played, or the best campaign they’ve ever GMed.  Truth is, if even on person besides me loves this system and has fun with it, then it won’t be a loss.

No matter if you came here looking for a new RPG system to try out, or if you found us by accident, thanks for visiting and have fun browsing the site.  After all, isn’t having fun what RPGs are all about?

(One more thing: this charming fellow is our mascot, Nibbles the fuath.  He’s not as nasty as he looks, though he does think it great fun to drag people into his watery lair and drown them.  You’re a strong swimmer, right?)

Nibbles’s portrait courtesy of Lisa Rebmann.  Header art courtesy of Anji Wagner.


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